I was enjoying a light lunch in my garden when I thought that I really did need to contribute to the discussion on the subject of where we should work in the future. I will start with the answer:-

Our reaction to the virus will change the working patterns of millions throughout the world. That change might be good or bad depending on our own perspectives but the virus has tipped the balance accelerating something which was already happening. Certain professions can work perfectly well from home (possibly better) whilst some cannot and never will.

Now I have to admit that I am in a profession which can function well from home. I first found this out decades ago when I injured my back. My main client at the time was quick to give me access from home. I swapped my normal two hour daily commute for a walk across the landing. I also realised that as the computer I was accessing was in North America, my commute from West London to North London was pretty pointless. My client learnt two main things. Firstly my productivity increased and secondly they knew they could trust me. I kept that client for a further ten years.

Now don’t get me wrong I hear plenty of people telling me they can’t work from home, the kids, the better half, no room, too many distractions, poor broadband etc. and these are all issues and although many of these problems can be solved it might well be that it will not suit everyone.

It might also be said that it will not suit every employer. The key question will be can a home based company work as effectively as an office based company? If the answer to that is yes then will the office based company not become uncompetitive?  

Food for thought





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